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Rabu, 17 November 2010

Cheat PB 17 November 2010 RinoComp V.2

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Point Blank is a Live Action role-playing game where players track each other across the Internet, eliminating their targets, to become the last one standing... Sign up, and begin by filling out your dossier, (profile) and get ready to play a game of assassination, where you are both the hunter and the HUNTED...

There are three different variations of the game Point Blank, each tailored to specific internet user types:

Gamer Elimination: For the hardcore gamer, players track their target to their favourite gaming server, and try to eliminate their target within the game...

Search and Destroy:Each player has a picture which they post on a place within their website or blog. Players must find their target's picture, and copy it before their picture is found by another player!

Creative Kill: Players use creative writing to kill their target, in the form of a short piece of creative writing placed within the forums on this site... Pieces of writing are then judged to reveal a winner...

Cheat PB

Credit By : RinoComp

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