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Rabu, 22 Desember 2010

Cheat Point Blank (PB) Tam[Rex]-Revisi December 22, 2010

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Copyright belongs to: TamTam
Special greetz to: OM maStaH Hero ™

special thankz to: US-Net Family
Anan bang
om bald
cc moNic
mbah eMonKie
grandparent Koben

: Sukatoro Family
om Rifqi36 (thanx for his chiptune om ^ ^)
om eRGE
om hrd
om RCD

F1 = Character Robots Assault Beret Headgear
F2 = Character Robot SMG Beret Headgear
F3 = Character Robot Sniper Beret Headgear
F4 = Character Robot Shotgun Beret Headgear
F5 = Reset Char
F12 = Spion

NUM 0 = White Mask
NUM 1 = Black Mask
NUM 2 = Russian Blue Mask
NUM 3 = Kotiki Mask
NUM 4 = Desert Mask
NUM 5 = Flame Mask
NUM 6 = Dual Color Mask
NUM 7 = Iron Mask
NUM 8 = Target Mask
NUM 9 = Pumpkin Mask
Page UP = Jewel Pink Mask
HOME = Gold Mask
Page Down = Skull Mask
END = Jean Pierrot Mask

INSERT: Minimize ON
DELETE: OFF Minimize

F6: Bomberman ON
F7: Bomberman OFF


F12: Title Hack

* Replace Char, exacting hack & Mask: enter the room is already maen ...
HotKey signature ny ... Open and close the inventory change hga char qt
redy ...
Example: In an F1 drawing room ... redy .... when you're preparing for the game press F5

* Mirror: already in the RESET CHAR

* WallShot:
Find a room that has begun to sketch F9 n PLAY ... in the room ... at Loading Screen press F10

* Bomberman:
enter room n PLAY ... teken F6 ... kira2 3 times throwing bombs continue in his signature OFF F7

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